What To Expect From An Astrology Reading

Going to see a professional astrologer for a consultation, or having one online, is very different to reading your horoscope or obtaining an online astrological prediction. Although you’re familiar with your Sun sign, astrology is a highly complex art which involves so much more than this – many people are surprised by how in-depth an astrology reading is.
Here are some key things to understand about your consultation:

Most Astrologers are Not Psychic

Astrology is a blend of science (the calculations) and art (the interpretations). It’s not necessary to be psychic in order to study astrology, and indeed, many or even most astrologers are not and do not claim to be psychic.


This has important implications for your reading, because an astrologer will tell you what they interpret from the astrological charts they have drawn up – usually, they will not tell you things they receive via a psychic impression, either because they don’t receive such things or because they prefer to keep astrology and psychic abilities separate.

Don’t expect your astrologer to contact your deceased Aunt Mary, or to describe what your boyfriend looks like. Do expect them to be able to describe *you* and your personality, talents and abilities with a high degree of accuracy, as this information is found in your birth chart.

Two Way Communication

In a typical astrology consultation, you’ll provide more information to your astrologer than you would to a psychic, tarot reader or other kind of reader. Obviously you will have had to provide your date, time and place of birth in order for the charts to be drawn up, but your reading will be more of a two way conversation than other readings you may have had.

This is because your astrologer will want to know what concerns you have – why you’re having the reading in the first place – and will need to know from you that, for instance, you’re not happy in your current career, in order to best advise you.

Don’t make your astrologer guess why you’re there; do consider it as an advanced counseling session in which you seek and receive specific advice on specific issues.

Predictions or Opportunities?

Your astrology reading will probably include a look at forthcoming astrological trends in your life, known as transits and progressions. Your astrologer will advise you that the energies at a particular time are likely to be useful to you for your career, for finding love, for moving home or for addressing a parenting problem. However, astrologers do not make predictions as such – this is because free will is a fundamental part of astrology, and only you can decide how you will use the astrological energies which will be at your disposal at any given time.

Don’t expect your astrologer to predict a passionate encounter next Wednesday at the Sky Rock Cafe; do treat the forecasts you are given as just that – forecasts. With a weather forecast, if you know it’s going to rain, you can plan accordingly. Astrological forecasts are the same. If you know it’s going to be an emotionally tough week, you can plan ahead to go easy on yourself and your loved ones. If you know you’re likely to be at your creative and confident best on a particular day, you can plan ahead to give yourself opportunities to shine.
These types of useful energy forecasts are unique to astrology, and one of the reasons why an astrology consultation, although very different to a psychic reading, can prove so insightful and helpful.

What Are The Benefits of Psychic Readings?

fortune tellerFor those of us who have never participated in a psychic reading before, or maybe do not even know what a psychic is, it can be difficult to understand how they can help you. The truth is, psychics, and psychic readings have been around for hundreds of years and are used as a way to look into the future and help you make the best choices for yourself! Below is a list of three ways that psychic readings can benefit you and why you should make an appointment right away:

#1 – Psychic Readings Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Wouldn’t you love to know what the future had in store for you, and how to prepare for those inevitable events in life? Well that’s exactly what psychic readings can do for you! You can also use psychic readings to help you understand why certain events in the past happened to you and how you might be able to change your attitude to avoid those situations next time around.

#2 – You Can Learn More About Yourself

By having a psychic reading done, you can begin to understand why certain things in your life happen and why people act certain ways around you. If you ask a psychic about these strange situations you have experienced (check out the recommendations at http://www.psychic-ratings.com), many times they will be able to tell you what it was that you did to cause those events to occur. And of course, once you know why things happen, you can get to know yourself better as you strive to take the negative energy out of your system.

#3 – Psychic Readings Can Be Used To Help You Understand Your Dreams

Many people have fairly regular dreams that may seen strange or out of the ordinary, but they tend to shrug them off and remain confused. Sometimes, you dreams can actually be used as a subconscious way of your brain communicating with you, to try and educate you, or even warn you of something. If you are curious about your dreams, you can turn to a psychic, who can usually help you find the hidden meaning behind your dream and help you unravel the secret messages.


A psychic is a high trained, and highly gifted individual who can help you with many aspects of your life. All you have to do is turn their way and open yourself up to the idea of readings and you’ll be well on your way to the best person you can be!

How Do Psychic Readings Work

crystal ballA psychic reading is the process of non-physical connection with another human being, and in the process gaining access to information about their lives, current emotional issues or events that will affect their future, or that affected their past. Most times also, a psychic will offer life advice or counseling to the client based on the information he or she has obtained.

Although a majority of psychic readings took place in the past face to face, in our present day, psychic readings are increasingly been done over the telephone, email, and all other forms of electronic communication methods. For this reason of the ability of long distance accurate psychic readings, many clients do wonder sometimes how such a phenomenon is at all possible. In the following paragraphs, i will explain the reasons why it is possible, and how it is done.

An introduction to Multi-dimensional Existence

Psychic readings are possible because of the nature of existence and life itself. Although, most human beings experience only the physical universe as reality, reality itself is much more than that. Take dreams for example, many people have dreams at night and then when they wake up, whatever it was they dreamt of will then happen during the day.

Many religious people claim it is God giving them information about future events, but, is it really so? Do not nonreligious people also have pre-cognitive dreams? And do not people from other faiths also have pre-cognitive dreams? Obviously, there must be a different reason for dreams, something neither the religions nor contemporary science are telling the average person.

The Akasha And the Astral World

The truth, then, which has been known for thousands of years and passed down only to initiates, is that there are more dimensions of existence than just the three dimensions known to everybody (length, width and height). In western science, the disciplines of quantum physics and string-theory are the only disciplines who have at least a rudimentary understanding of this reality. Beyond the obvious first three dimensions, there is the fourth dimension, which is the dimension of time itself.

Just as it is important to be at the same place and at the same time, in order to either effect someone or be affected by another person, in the fourth dimension, physical space is irrelevant, what matters alone is time. There is also the fifth dimension, called the Akasha, or Ether or the God-principle, in this dimension, neither space nor time matters. The religions of the world call these two dimensions the spirit world, but you now, are more enlightened, and know the difference between the two.

How Psychics operate

The fourth and fifth dimensions are all part of every human being, but the majority of people are completely unaware of them and their influences in their lives. Psychics, on the other hand, are people who are sensitive enough to perceive the energy changes in these two dimensions. The fourth dimension is subtler than physical reality, and the energy of the fifth dimension is even subtler than that of the fourth, people who feel these subtle energies are called psychics.

So while real psychics can tap into the fourth dimension, the ones that can tap into the fifth dimension then, are the super psychics. In the fourth dimension, a psychic can tap into your past and future emotionally. In the fifth dimension, a psychic is not only limited to your current emotional problems, or can just go back into your past or forward into your future, the psychic can tap into all the possible outcomes of your life given multiple physical conditions (parallel universes). The fact as you should know by now is that everything about you, from birth to death is already stored in the Akasha, the God-principle. Now that you know all these, you can then understand that all a psychic needs to do psychic readings of you is to tune in to your energy, no matter where you are on earth. All that is needed is either your voice, picture or a feeling of something you have touched before.

Further Learning

This was a very simplistic introduction to multi-dimensional reality and psychic readings. The reality is that whether you believe it or not, it exists, and it works. While it would have been wonderful for every human being to know these teachings, i understand that the majority of human beings have neither the desire nor the understanding to either comprehend or engage in further learning on the topic.

You, on the other hand, have shown an interest in learning these secrets, so i am obliged to inform you that if you could take out a little time from time to time, to study these things, after a while, you will definitely be better off and glad, that you have come into true Knowledge of Life. I bid you then farewell and pray that you find your path.

What You Missed This New Year’s Eve

NewYearsEve1Every New Year’s, there’s a thousand and a half different celebrations and parties. People gather to celebrate the fact that they managed to survive yet another year, and get excited about all the new things to come. It’s a time of laying the past to rest, and looking forward to the future. A time of forgiving old debts and finding new, exciting ventures to invest in.

To that end, what better way to celebrate than the Psychic Fair? If you missed it, then you missed a fantastic party. It was hundreds of people gathered together in celebration of their life and the lives of friends and loved ones.

Naturally, there were the common New Year’s celebration activities. There was plenty of food and drink to go around, for adult and child alike. It would hardly be a fantastic New Year’s celebration without that! However, it wasn’t just an excuse for drinking and eating. It was an excuse to bring in dozens of skilled, experienced psychic readers so that they could give out readings to the selected people.

The readers were paid for by the Fair, which meant that anyone who attended could get a reading, free of charge. They could go to as many different readers as they wanted, getting a variety of perspectives from people using a plethora of different divination tools. There were readers using everything from runes, to crystals, to tarot and oracle cards, and even a few people reading tea leaves. A few readers even made jokes about reading animal entrails, though naturally no animals were harmed.

Some people expressed a bit of a surprise at such a magnificent turn out for a psychic fair, but it makes sense when one thinks about the matter. Since the New Year is a time of reflection, both reflection on the past and on the future, a psychic fair is the perfect way to ring in the new year. What better way to help focus on one’s past and one’s future than having a skilled reader use one divination tool or another to help clarify the various aspects of their life? There’s nothing better than having someone who doesn’t know you, and thus has no biases or opinions about your actions, help pinpoint things in your life that have caused you to hold yourself up and kept you from moving forward in your life.

It makes, even more, sense when one considers that psychic readings are often a spiritual matter for certain New Age and Pagan religions. While there are plenty of people who don’t participate in the spiritual aspect of psychic readings, there are plenty who do. For those people, not only was the New Year a time of reflection on their lives, but also a time of reflection on their own spirituality.

If you missed this year’s Psychic Fair, don’t worry. There will be more events like it throughout the year, and, of course, another one next New Years. The turnout was too spectacular to avoid having it again!