What You Missed This New Year’s Eve

NewYearsEve1Every New Year’s, there’s a thousand and a half different celebrations and parties. People gather to celebrate the fact that they managed to survive yet another year, and get excited about all the new things to come. It’s a time of laying the past to rest, and looking forward to the future. A time of forgiving old debts and finding new, exciting ventures to invest in.

To that end, what better way to celebrate than the Psychic Fair? If you missed it, then you missed a fantastic party. It was hundreds of people gathered together in celebration of their life and the lives of friends and loved ones.

Naturally, there were the common New Year’s celebration activities. There was plenty of food and drink to go around, for adult and child alike. It would hardly be a fantastic New Year’s celebration without that! However, it wasn’t just an excuse for drinking and eating. It was an excuse to bring in dozens of skilled, experienced psychic readers so that they could give out readings to the selected people.

The readers were paid for by the Fair, which meant that anyone who attended could get a reading, free of charge. They could go to as many different readers as they wanted, getting a variety of perspectives from people using a plethora of different divination tools. There were readers using everything from runes, to crystals, to tarot and oracle cards, and even a few people reading tea leaves. A few readers even made jokes about reading animal entrails, though naturally no animals were harmed.

Some people expressed a bit of a surprise at such a magnificent turn out for a psychic fair, but it makes sense when one thinks about the matter. Since the New Year is a time of reflection, both reflection on the past and on the future, a psychic fair is the perfect way to ring in the new year. What better way to help focus on one’s past and one’s future than having a skilled reader use one divination tool or another to help clarify the various aspects of their life? There’s nothing better than having someone who doesn’t know you, and thus has no biases or opinions about your actions, help pinpoint things in your life that have caused you to hold yourself up and kept you from moving forward in your life.

It makes, even more, sense when one considers that psychic readings are often a spiritual matter for certain New Age and Pagan religions. While there are plenty of people who don’t participate in the spiritual aspect of psychic readings, there are plenty who do. For those people, not only was the New Year a time of reflection on their lives, but also a time of reflection on their own spirituality.

If you missed this year’s Psychic Fair, don’t worry. There will be more events like it throughout the year, and, of course, another one next New Years. The turnout was too spectacular to avoid having it again!


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