What To Expect From An Astrology Reading

Going to see a professional astrologer for a consultation, or having one online, is very different to reading your horoscope or obtaining an online astrological prediction. Although you’re familiar with your Sun sign, astrology is a highly complex art which involves so much more than this – many people are surprised by how in-depth an astrology reading is.
Here are some key things to understand about your consultation:

Most Astrologers are Not Psychic

Astrology is a blend of science (the calculations) and art (the interpretations). It’s not necessary to be psychic in order to study astrology, and indeed, many or even most astrologers are not and do not claim to be psychic.


This has important implications for your reading, because an astrologer will tell you what they interpret from the astrological charts they have drawn up – usually, they will not tell you things they receive via a psychic impression, either because they don’t receive such things or because they prefer to keep astrology and psychic abilities separate.

Don’t expect your astrologer to contact your deceased Aunt Mary, or to describe what your boyfriend looks like. Do expect them to be able to describe *you* and your personality, talents and abilities with a high degree of accuracy, as this information is found in your birth chart.

Two Way Communication

In a typical astrology consultation, you’ll provide more information to your astrologer than you would to a psychic, tarot reader or other kind of reader. Obviously you will have had to provide your date, time and place of birth in order for the charts to be drawn up, but your reading will be more of a two way conversation than other readings you may have had.

This is because your astrologer will want to know what concerns you have – why you’re having the reading in the first place – and will need to know from you that, for instance, you’re not happy in your current career, in order to best advise you.

Don’t make your astrologer guess why you’re there; do consider it as an advanced counseling session in which you seek and receive specific advice on specific issues.

Predictions or Opportunities?

Your astrology reading will probably include a look at forthcoming astrological trends in your life, known as transits and progressions. Your astrologer will advise you that the energies at a particular time are likely to be useful to you for your career, for finding love, for moving home or for addressing a parenting problem. However, astrologers do not make predictions as such – this is because free will is a fundamental part of astrology, and only you can decide how you will use the astrological energies which will be at your disposal at any given time.

Don’t expect your astrologer to predict a passionate encounter next Wednesday at the Sky Rock Cafe; do treat the forecasts you are given as just that – forecasts. With a weather forecast, if you know it’s going to rain, you can plan accordingly. Astrological forecasts are the same. If you know it’s going to be an emotionally tough week, you can plan ahead to go easy on yourself and your loved ones. If you know you’re likely to be at your creative and confident best on a particular day, you can plan ahead to give yourself opportunities to shine.
These types of useful energy forecasts are unique to astrology, and one of the reasons why an astrology consultation, although very different to a psychic reading, can prove so insightful and helpful.

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